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Paint Polishing


Have you ever seen a web of swirls and scratches on your paint when it’s been exposed to the sun? These are known as micro-scratches, and they are what prevent your vehicle from sparkling.


What brought them there in the first place? The most common cause is poor washing and drying techniques. Automatic car washes, as well as the use of low-quality towels or wash mitts, can all abrade your paint and cause defects.


You can erase 60 to 80 percent of flaws with our paint polishing procedure, revealing a brilliant gloss. This is a wonderful service for automobiles that want to restore their shine but don’t want to go “all in” like our Level 2 paint correction option. Unlike our Wash and Wax service, which takes only a few hours to complete, polishing takes more time and effort to obtain the desired results.

Additional Paint Correction Services

Ceramic Coating


Wax was once the top choice for enhancing your vehicle’s gloss while also preserving your paint from exterior elements such as rain, bird poop, grime, and so on…


Fast forward 20 years, and thanks to the efforts of a group of experts, we now have an unrivaled paint protection option: ceramic coatings.


To use an analogy, the wax is like a tent that protects you from the elements in a wilderness. The ceramic finish resembles a woodland brick house. Both can get the job done, but in terms of strength and longevity, one is far superior to the other.

Specialty Polish


This service is for you if your vehicle need special attention because you’re entering it in a show, getting ready for a picture, or simply want to show it some love.


With a polishing stage, you may make the painted surfaces of your engine bay or interior shine even more.


First, we’ll give the engine bay a thorough cleaning to ensure that all loose debris/grime is removed. Then it’s time to have some fun.
The small and detailed painted portions will be thoroughly treated with clay and wax remover before being polished out by hand or with our 1″ polisher.

Wheels Off Cleaning


We are now offering quality wheel and suspension cleaning services only at our store location, in response to several customer demands.


We’ll remove the wheels from the car professionally and safely so we can thoroughly clean the inner barrels, wheel face, and suspension components.


We’ll hand-wash the wheels/suspension, steam clean any intricate parts that require it, apply a clay bar and iron decontamination treatment to the wheels/brake calipers, and polish the painted surfaces on the wheels/brake calipers, depending on the condition.

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