Interior Car Cleaning

With our highly-requested interior cleaning service, you can make your interior feel brand new again.


Full Interior Car Cleaning


This is our most thorough interior cleaning service, designed to restore the condition to its original state.


Cleaning and shampooing of the seats, floor mats, dashboard, center console, door panels, headliner, cup holders, and other items. We’ll clean it if it can be cleaned. Is that to say that every last stain and blemish will be removed? No. There are some things that are beyond our cleaning powers.


However, we’ll do everything we can to improve the situation for you! Don’t panic if your inside appears to be “too dirty” to clean. We challenge you to amaze us after cleaning hundreds of interiors.

Restorative Interior Cleaning


We accomplish everything that the Full Interior Cleaning does, but twice as much with the Restorative Interior Cleaning.


For example, on our Full Interior Cleaning, we might conduct one or two passes with our hot water extractor on a seat to produce amazing results.


When it comes to our restorative treatment, if your seats are highly filthy, we’ll use our hot water extractor for two to four passes to remove as much gunk as possible. This technique will be repeated throughout your entire interior. This will be your best bet for the small percentage of autos that actually need the extra work.


Additional Interior Cleaning Services

Full Interior

Do you want your car's inside to feel brand new again? Is it a little out of hand and in in need of a thorough cleaning? That is something we can take care of for you. This is the most popular service we provide for interior cleaning. We can improve the interior of any vehicle, whether it's a family minivan, a business truck, or something in between. We've seen it all and cleaned it all: pet hair, pen marks, juice spills, food stains, and so on.

Basic Detail

The Mini-Inside Detail is our entry-level service that will improve the condition of your interior without taking up too much time or money. This is what you'll get: Vacuuming the entire interior (carpet, mats, chairs, and so on...) Wipe down all surfaces with a damp cloth to remove minor dust and debris. On plastic surfaces, UV protection is provided. Interior windows and glass are streak-free.

Stain Removal

We'll alter our product and tool selection based on the type of spot to properly remove the accident. With a basic all-purpose cleaner and brush, we don't take a one-size-fits-all approach. If it's a pee stain, there's a process and product tool area dedicated to it. If it's feces, a specific process and product tool selection is required.

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