Exterior Detail and Restoration

Give Your Car That Show Room Shine It Deserves

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Step #1: Premium Wash

A thorough pressure wash with biodegradable cleansers removes dirt and grime from all exterior surfaces.

Step #2 Clay Bar

We use Iron remover and clay bar to restore the smoothness of your surface texture by removing gritty rust and metallic particles.


Step #3: Machine Polish

Our special Water Polishing System™ removes swirls and fine scratches to create a brilliant, blemish-free shine.

Detail Trim

All exterior rubber, metal, and plastic trim are cleaned and conditioned.

Many of our customers enjoy this service since it takes very little time to conduct, yet the results are spectacular.

Trim Polish
Auto Detail

Final Step #5: Wax Coating

Finally, your finish is protected with our high-gloss wash-resistant aircraft wax coating. Your car will look incredible and stay protected.

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Additional Exterior Services

Engine Cleaning


Your engine will look considerably better once we’re done, whether you just bought it, plan to sell it, or just want to give it some much-needed TLC. A clean engine bay not only improves the appearance of your automobile (and, according to folklore, makes it faster), but it also makes it easier to identify automotive problems. You’ll be able to swiftly determine the source of the leak and whether or not anything has torn.

Paint Overspray Removal


Do You Have Any Small Specks On Your Paint? Is it a rough texture? It’s a case of paint overspray. It’s because of microscopic paint particles that have landed on your vehicle that you see colored small specs on your paint or feel a rough texture on the panel when you glide your touch over it. This usually occurs when you’re near a construction site or someone is painting outside and the wind blows a thin layer of paint particles over your automobile.

Headlight Restoration


Do your headlights have a hazy, foggy appearance? Perhaps you’ve observed that your visibility is significantly reduced at night or when it’s raining. We don’t use a standard headlight repair kit from the local auto parts store. To achieve the greatest results, we go through an 8-step sanding, compounding, polishing, and protecting process.

Boat Wash


The Premium Boat Wash service is perfect for boat owners who want to stay up with routine wash upkeep. We’ll clean any debris or filth from the exterior in a safe and proper manner so it’s ready to go out in the open water. We can come to your home or storage site to complete the job if the boat is within our service radius.

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